Autism Society of Georgia partners with Special Needs Communities

May 9, 2016 – Atlanta, GA. –  The Autism Society of Georgia has partnered with Special Needs Communities to provide the best online tool for families and individuals to find special needs friendly businesses and resources that support our special needs community in Georgia.

Special Needs Communities is an online website and app where individuals with special needs and families who have a loved one with special needs, can find special needs friendly places and resources and share their experiences.

Special Needs Communities also offers special need and disability training and is inspiring the world to treat everyone, regardless of their abilities, with love and acceptance. As the provider of special need and disability training, we offer the official SNC Guidelines for how to properly interact with, engage with and provide a great experience and environment for people with a special need or disability. We translate these Guidelines into the highest quality training videos for healthcare professionals, first responders, cities, business owners, employees, churches and the general public.

Lindsey Turner, Founder of Special Needs Communities is thrilled about the partnership with the Autism Society of Georgia. “It has been our goal from the beginning to provide the best online tool for families and individuals to find special needs friendly places and the resources they need. Teaming up with Autism Society of Georgia gives us the ability to continue to provide a much needed service as well as have a great collaboration partner when creating future training for places and businesses to become Special Needs Communities.” said Turner.

The Autism Society of Georgia’s Parent Ally assists families in finding the support and resources they need. The partnership with Special Needs Communities will help accelerate access to the specific resources each individual or family needs over a lifetime.

“Partnering with Special Needs Communities aligns very well with our mission and purpose to ensure that individuals with autism, families and communities in Georgia have access to the specific resources they need,” stated Ray Johnson, Executive Director for the Autism Society of Georgia. “For us, this is more than just supporting the autism community, it’s about supporting our special needs community. We’re excited to work with Special Needs Certified because leveraging their online resource platform is just the start as we begin to expand the development of specific web based training tools for individuals, businesses, schools and emergency responders.”

The Autism Society of Georgia and Special Needs Communities will be working together to offer additional training and resources as well as reach more individuals and families across the state and the country.


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