Children’s Therapy Works is Leading the way for a Special Needs Community

November 19, 2015 – Roswell, GA – Children’s Therapy Works focuses on the continuing development of children until the Age of 21. They don’t just “do” therapy, they create a playful environment that encourages your child to learn new skills without ever feeling like they are in a medical environment.

Shelley Margow, Owner of Children’s Therapy Works desires for all their clients to think of Children’s Therapy Works as a place where they believe they are in the most capable hands, “I know, I’d have anyone on our team working with my own child, after all, if it’s not good enough for my own child, it’s definitely not good enough for yours.”

Even though they see clients with special needs on a regular basis, Children’s Therapy Works knows the importance of reminding their staff, interns, and student volunteers of the importance of making every part of their business accessible to the clients and families they serve.

When Shelley learned about Special Needs Communities and the training they provide, she knew it would not only be a great place for families to locate her services, but also that it was a great way for her community to become educated about individuals with special needs. “I have watched families struggle with unfounded perceptions and inability to live a typical everyday life. Having Special Needs Communities opportunities opens doors to families that have been closed for too long,” says Margow.

Special Needs Communities has become a powerful tool for families and individuals with special needs to locate resources and services. Lindsey Turner, Founder of Special Needs Communities was thrilled to learn Children’s Therapy Works was joining the initiative, “Our goal is to connect individuals with special needs to the services and resources they need. Having Children’s Therapy Works and other resources on our site, makes life that much easier for the individuals and families who visit”

Shelley hopes more businesses in her community will see the need for such important training, “We talk about inclusion, participation, integration … yet without the education and knowledge of how to integrate, include and participate, it is not surprising why communities struggle. I look forward to seeing more business’ actively engage in understanding how to meet the needs of their customers.”


Special Needs Communities is a social enterprise focused on uniting communities and creating environments where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

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