NCG Cinemas, a Special Needs Certified company, to show sensory friendly movies

March 16, 2015 – Lansing, MI. – When NCG Cinemas in Georgia and five other states host a special showing of the movie Home at 10am on April 4th, the biggest stars won’t be on the big screen. They’ll be in the audience. That’s because people with special needs, like autism and cerebral palsy, will fill the seats as NCG Cinemas kicks off a series of sensory-friendly movie screenings designed just for them.

Many individuals with special needs cannot attend regular movie screenings, because they have trouble with things like loud noises, dark theaters, and sitting quietly. When a sensory-friendly movie begins, the theater isn’t completely dark, and chances are, the audience isn’t very quiet. The movie’s soundtrack is turned down a bit, and it’s no big deal if children make a little noise and wander in the aisles now and then.

The decision to host monthly sensory-friendly movies is an example of NCG Cinemas’ ongoing commitment to cater to customers with special needs. Recently, the employees at the company’s 17 theaters in six states underwent training developed by Special Needs Certified of Atlanta, GA. The online training educates businesses how to better serve customers with special needs.

“The training provided by Special Needs Communities was easy to learn, watch and share with our employees,” said Tim Dilts, Marketing Director and Regional Manager for NCG Cinemas. “Our staff now feels more empowered than ever to provide a great experience for everyone, regardless of their abilities.”

Special Needs Communities owner Lindsey L. Turner is thrilled that NCG is reaching out to individuals with special needs and disabilities.

“NCG’s commitment to wanting to better serve their customers with special needs is an example all businesses and organizations should follow,” said Turner. “Knowing we have helped educate employees at 17 locations across 6 different states means there will be more environments where individuals with special needs and disabilities will be welcomed. This is a great testament that we’re moving closer to our vision of creating a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, feels love and acceptance.”

NCG will host sensory-friendly movies on one Saturday each month at all of its theaters. Tickets will be the matinee price and can be bought online at, as well as at the box office.  NCG Cinema operates theaters in Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana and Georgia.


Special Needs Communities is a social enterprise focused on uniting communities and creating environments where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

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