“That’s Love” Becomes the Official Song of Special Needs Communities

December 7, 2015 – Atlanta, GA. – “That’s Love” by top 10 Billboard Artist John Stringer, becomes the official song of Special Needs Certified. John Stringer is an intuitive teacher,  singer-songwriter,  healer, consultant and author with a passion for music, community, personal development and limitless love and light.  He currently serves as CEO/Founder of PolyPlat Records, co-founder of Indiehitmaker.com, Access Consciousness practitioner (B.A.R.S.), collaboration expert at www.bandingpeopletogether.com, and Founder/Publisher of AskRealityLove.com (a spiritual guidance / personal development site).

As the front man of the indie rock band State of Man, John co-wrote and recorded several albums (including a top 10 best selling Billboard chart hit single) and performed in 9 countries (including tours for U.S. Armed Forces).  John’s music has been featured on major network television and he has also appeared in national print ads (Rolling Stone, VIBE, SPIN, Vanity Fair, etc.).

“I had the pleasure of meeting John Stringer years ago while I was managing bands and I always loved the songs he wrote and the meanings behind them. When I first heard the song That’s Love off his new album Limitless Love & Light, I knew I had to have it”, said Lindsey Turner, founder of Special Needs Communities.

That’s Love will now become the official song of Special Needs Certified and people can expect to hear it in future videos, commercials and campaigns to continue to spread Love and Acceptance. “I feel this song stands for exactly what our mission states and that is to create a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance. John has provided us with an additional tool to spread awareness and make the world a better place” says Turner.

“What moves our soul that’s love and it can happen in all kinds of ways. It’s love that we receive and that we give. If it moves your soul, nine times out of ten, that’s love”, says Stringer. “Thank you for moving my soul and for moving people’s souls through the work you’re doing.”

If you’d like to purchase the album Limitless Love & Light which includes the hit song That’s Love and have it autographed by John Stringer, then please visit www.johnstringerinc.com/music/


Special Needs Communities is a social enterprise focused on uniting communities and creating environments where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

For additional information on the Special Needs Certified Program, please visit www.specialneedscommunities.com.

Media Representatives:  To learn more about Special Needs Certified, email media@specialneedscommunities.com


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