The City of Hiram Joins The Growing Number of Special Needs Certified Cities

May 18, 2015 – Hiram, GA – Congratulations, Hiram, Georgia, for reaching out to your residents with special needs by becoming Special Needs Certified!

The City of Hiram has just joined the growing number of cities around our region taking big steps to improve service to residents with special needs.  So far, employees in five Georgia cities have undergone Special Needs Communities’ online training.

Hiram’s city manager, Robbie Rokovitz, says the training is important for anyone who has contact with the general public.

“It is especially important for the City of Hiram because our mission is service,” says Rokovitz.  “So maximizing the level of service and raising the bar on how all citizens are treated is always a step in the right direction.”

Rokovitz hopes the training will help citizens with special needs know they’re a vital part of their community.

“I hope those who have special needs have a positive experience when interacting with our employees, and leave knowing they are a valued member of our community, no matter what their circumstance may be, or what role in society they hold,” says Rokovitz.  “Their most important role to us is being a human being with feelings who we are proud to serve.”

Special Needs Communities Owner, Lindsey L. Turner says cities like Hiram are leading the way, as more local governments recognize the need to serve all residents with respect.

“I’m excited that city leaders in Hiram see this training as a way to step up services for such an important sector of their community,” says Turner. “People with special needs deserve to feel welcome and valued when they access city services.”

Rokovitz says the knowledge that Special Needs Communities’ training provides goes a long way, and knowledge is power.

“This knowledge helps our employees have a greater level of awareness of those with special needs,” says Rokovitz, ”and why it is critically important to recognize those needs to serve everyone with empathy and dignity.”


Special Needs Communities is a social enterprise focused on uniting communities and creating environments where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

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