The George Center for Music Therapy joins Special Needs Communities

August 3, 2015 – Roswell, GA – The George Center for Music Therapy provides services for individuals of any age and ability. Music therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment method for a wide range of goal areas across an even wider range of populations.

Jamie George, Owner and Director of The George Center desires for all their clients to think of The George Center as a place where the arts are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities and where families can rest assured that they will always be welcomed and treated with respect.

When Jamie learned about Special Needs Communities, she knew it would not only be a great place for families to locate her services, but also that it was a great way for her staff to be reminded of her desires.

“Even though we see clients with special needs on a regular basis, I felt that it was important that my staff, interns, and student volunteers be reminded of the importance of making every part of our business accessible to our clients and their families”, says George.

Special Needs Communities has become a powerful tool for families and individuals with special needs to locate resources and services. Lindsey Turner, Founder of Special Needs Communities was thrilled to learn The George Center for Music Therapy was joining the initiative, “Our goal is to connect individuals with special needs to the services and resources they need. Having The George Center and other resources on our site, makes life that much easier for the families we serve.”

When asked how Special Needs Communities’ training helped her staff, Jamie felt there were many ways, but one benefit in particular stood out to her, “I think the most important concept that my employees took away from the training is just how important it is to make our clients and their families feel at home and comfortable with our facility and our team of therapists. Therapy is not conducive when the client feels uncomfortable.”


Special Needs Communities is a social enterprise focused on uniting communities and creating environments where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

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